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Inbred Dog, Norman Gekko

Inbred dog, 2017


"With this series Gekko produces a set of works of astonishing plasticity."

Dead planet

"Norman Gekko and social media: hardly veiled criticism."

Choking hazard

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British Decadence

The Beehives

"Regarding a Gekko Beehive is like sneaking a peek inside the mind of 21st century Everyman.


At first sight Norman Gekko’s Beehives appear as a random collection of everyday objects. The use of a single paint colour bestows a uniformity of appearance upon each of the component parts. Yet there is no harmony in the arrangement. The discordant hodgepodge of items appears cluttered, even competitive; each vying to attract the gaze of the viewer.


A miscellany of childhood toys, obsolete electrical components alongside discarded utilitarian and personal items; Gekko’s Beehives rail against the modern world’s preoccupation with material accumulation and the relentless assault by information, images, sounds and other stimuli, which render our psychological-self paralysed and impotent.


How can you distinguish and preserve the significant, the personal, the meaningful (thought, memory, emotion) in a culture where banality is venerated?


In parodying the absurdity and prosaic nature of our hollow modern-day existence Gekko’s work profoundly resonates with many; especially the generation of millennials desperately searching for meaning in the meaningless.


Norman Gekko: the best-kept secret of the British contemporary art scene.

Wonderfully absurd! Gekko’s work raises smiles and eyebrows in equal measure. Norman Gekko is a star on the rise. Anyone investing in up and coming artists must have a Gekko in their collection"


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