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Inbred Dog, Norman Gekko

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Inbred Dog, Norman Gekko
On the artist...
Preferring to remain incognito, contemporary artist Norman Gekko swims against the tide of social media "sharing" and shameless display of ego that dominates contemporary art today.
So, no nationality, no gender. The artist's conservation preserving their freedom of speech and creative power. In maintaining the anonymity of the artist Gekko relinquishes centre stage; allowing the works to be viewed without prejudice thereby affording them their rightful place in society.
Taking this unorthodox position, is not a miscalculation on the part of Gekko; creating  instead a desire for information about this character who keeps a part of themselves a mystery and secret. 

Inbred Dog, Norman Gekko
On the works...
Norman Gekko is an unusual artist who likes to provoke and push the boundaries of creativity without fear or restriction. Producing three-dimensional works mostly on a black plinth and often associated with the style of trompe-l'oeil.
In their great variety, Gekko's works produce a critical and acerbic discourse on the future of contemporary society and from this point of view nothing escapes; pollution ("Toxic chance") recycling and ecology ("Beehives") radiation ("Dead planet") social networks ("Thumbs up"), pornography ("Choking hazard"), social or political criticism ("Black power" or " Gun control ") etc ... everything goes
The signature style is clear and straightforward:: to produce on a recurring monochrome background a pictorial motif, each time unique. The technique, which seems simple at first glance, however, accounts for the real technical difficulties that work in trompe-l'oeil raises, almost as if the technique acts as the metaphor for the difficulty of seeing what is boxing in our contemporary societies, an open prism on what remains to be seen and which most often remains just invisible to the naked eye. 
The works of Norman Gekko are visually striking and unique:  once you have seen a work by Norman Gekko you cannot confuse it with any other - clearly an advantage for this artist in a society saturated with images. Wonderfully absurd! Gekko’s work raises smiles and eyebrows in equal measure.

On Choking hazard...
Never one to be accused of political correctness, witness the latest series from Norman Gekko. Entitled "Choking hazard" -a  play on the warning symbol displayed on children's toys -  the works comment upon pornography; it's pervasiveness in society and the role played in setting expectations in terms of sexuality and sexual expression.

On Beehives...
Regarding a Gekko Beehive is like sneaking a peek inside the mind of 21st century 'Everyman'. 
Gekko’s Beehives rail against the modern world’s preoccupation with material accumulation and the relentless assault by information, images, sounds and other stimuli, which render our psychological-self paralysed and impotent.
 How can you distinguish and preserve the significant, the personal, the meaningful (thought, memory, emotion) in a culture where banality is venerated
In parodying the absurdity and prosaic nature of our hollow modern-day existence Gekko’s work profoundly resonates with many; especially the generation of millennials desperately searching for meaning in the meaningless..

On Dead planet..
Norman Gekko offers a compelling but bleak assessment of human behaviour with the "Dead Planet" series of works. Whether it is environmental concerns, social networks, political impotency or the prevailing "F*** You" society, each piece delivers caustic commentary on our modern day afflictions. 

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